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Hyundai Rewards Road to Success?

You can obtain Hyundai Sales rewards.  Before you can access these rewards you must sign up for the to the Hyundai Sales Reward site and validate your information.  When validating your information please refer to the email and/or letter in regards to this sales reward site.  You will need the following information to confirm validation:

  1. your last name
  2. the dealer code
  3. last 4 digits of your SSN

Hyundai Motor Group

This popular automobile manufacturer is based out of  Seoul, South Korea and was founded in 1998.  They are considered the second largest auto maker in Asia and they own about 30% of Kia Motors.  Popular automobiles produced by Hyundai include:

  • Elantra
  • Sonata
  • Genesis Coupe

Where to find the Hyundai Rewards program