www.yourbankowes.com – Get Cash From Your Bank?


Your Bank Owes You Money?

The Your Bank Owes website claims that a customer’s bank might owe them some green backs.  Is this true?  Most likely no.  The site will ask for the visitors email address and first name and in return will send a FREE video report and a bonus report on how to ger free money.  The site claim they have insider knowledge on how to claim free cash from the following banks:

  • Wells Fargo
  • Citi Bank
  • Chase Bank

The site is operated by The Midas Legacy who can be found at 1220 Winter Garden Vineland Rd. Suite 108 Winter Garden FL 34787 USA. The Your Bank Owes site also provides a video BUT can only be accessed by providing an email address and name.

The Midas Legacy

  • Financial commentary and advisory firm
  • Based out of Winter Garden, FL
  • Provides information about the stock markets, investing, loans, insider trading and how investing works

The Midas Legacy does not manage money and simply provides stock market commentary.  The Midas Legacy offers three main products in the form of stock advise and are shown below:

  1. Money Mentor: A monthly newsletter specializing in a balanced house portfolio for just under $300 a year.  The newsletter will arrive during the first week of every month and is written by professional hedge-fund managers and traders, and stock market insiders.
  2. Stock Code Breaker: A trading course that helps an investor profit in both a bull or bear market.  The code breaker product cost $27 a month (plus $2.95 shipping) and offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
  3. Stock Raider:  Another trading course that claims to expose the dark side of Wall Street and how the customer can profit of this evilness.  Provides 10 tips on how to beat the greed of Wall Street for only $27 a month

The Midas Legacy is operated by Jim Samson (publisher), Adam Woods (Chief Investment Researcher), “Banker X” (Anonymous Informer), Peter Fallon (Energy Stock Specialist), Tom Anderson (Tech Stock Specialist) and Rick Pendergraft (Pro Trader).