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Blood Pressure Fix Solution

This site is operated by Ken Burge who dedicated to helping people lower their blood pressure the natural/safe way.  The goal of the fix is to lower blood pressure without costly prescription medicine.  The Blood Pressure Fix site provides a free video with information about the program and lowering blood pressure through diet.

The site also links to Mr. Burge’s blog articles that include:

  • Cut Fat Fast…and Have Fun Doing It!
  • Tuning Up Your Body After 50 – What Do You Stand to Gain?
  • Tea vs Coffee: Who Reigns Supreme?

All of these articles are actually great reads.  Any questions about the BloodPressureSolution products or services can be directed to 1 877 755 4904 or tickets@bloodpressuresolution.com.

Mailing Address Contact

  • Primal Health, LP
    321 N Central Expressway
    Suite 341
    McKinney, TX 75070

Blood Pressure Facts and Figures

  • An estimated 31% of American Adults suffer from high blood pressure
  • Cost the country $47  billion dollars annually in medical care cost
  • High blood pressure is when the high number is over 140 and the lower number is over 90
  • High blood pressure causes cardiovascular disease and stroke

It should be noted that blood pressure can differ greatly from person to person and high blood pressure for one person may be normal blood pressure for another depending on a variety of factors.