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Discover Personal Loan Application

  • Allows a customer to apply for a personal loan from Discover online
  • Requires the invitation number and email address from the offer
  • Any questions about the site can be directed to 1-866-248-1255
  • The loan is provided by Discover Bank who is Member FDIC

Discover personal loans can be used to pay off high interest debt, a family vacation or a car.  The application process will take less than 5 minutes to complete and has been made by over 400,000 Discover customers.  One of the best things about Discover loans according to customers is the set amount to be paid and having an end date.

Discover Applications Notes

  • Invitation numbers are only valid for 45 days
  • No application fees
  • The customer can select the amount of the loan during the application process
  • If approved the customer can pick where the funds can be disbursed and set up a payment date each month
  • Discover Personal Loan and the actual terms of your existing debt

If the customer has received a solicitation by mail please mail the application with the appropriate postage to: Discover Personal Loans, PO Box 5192 Southfield, MI 48086-9907.  The customers loan APR will be determined by the users credit score and current debt, simple interest is calculated on the original principle only.  Customers who are approved for a loan and make a late payment may be charged a $39 fee.  Please note the customers interest rate for the Discover personal loan will not increase if they make a late payment.

Discover Financial Services is a bank holding company that specializes in credit cards and payment services.  The firm employs over 14,000 people world-wide and are based at 2500 Lake Cook Road, Riverwoods, IL 60015.  Discover faces stiff competition from American Express Company, Capital One Financial Corporation and Visa.