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Boy Scouts Camp Card

The Scouts are selling camp cards for only $5 and features two, onetime use, break off tabs.  These tabs offer an online list for food, service, shopping, and entertainment discounts for the customer to use throughout the year while camping.  Each ticket sold will provide $2.50 to he;p support the Boy Scouts in community outreach and special programs.  The Boy Scots camp card will pay for itself many times over and can be used and each card will show the Boy Scouts Council Name, Council Telephone Number and Council Website.

Camping Card Saving Examples

  • Dinner For 2: 1x $15 = $15
  • Grocery Store: 1x $5 = $5
  • Auto/Oil Change: 1x $10 = $10
  • Clothing: 2x$18 = $36
  • Family Dinner: 2x $12 = $24
  • Event Tickets: 2x $10 = $20
  • Hotel Room: 1x$25 = $25

The Boy Scouts camp card can be used through printed coupons, via mobile app or while shopping online.

How to activate the card?

  1. Visit the Boy Scouts Camp Card promotional website
  2. Click and register with the 6 digit access code provided on the back of the card
  3. Download the Camp Card mobile app and start saving today

Users of the card can expect to save anywhere between 10% to 50% when dining out, shopping, traveling, seeing a movie or going to an attraction such as a theme park or bowling.  Please see the promotional package for more details.