Free Fannie May Chocolate Bar for Students


How does a free Fannie May Chocolate Bar sound?  If your a student and are between the grades Kindergarten to the 12th grade and received at least one (1) on your report card stop by your local Fannie May.  You might say this is a pretty easy promotion to take advantage of but you would be surprised how many kids fail to get even one A on their report card.  Please note that this offer is limited one per person.

Where can I find a Fannie May Store?

  • simply click here and enter your zip code to search for a Fannie May store near you!
  • you can reach Fannie May by dialing toll free 1-800-333-3629
  • the page will also allow you to follow Fannie Mae on Facebook and Twitter

Other Details

  • The student MUST be present in order to claim the free bar
  • The report must be present and not a copy
  • If your school does not use the traditional A through F grading scale the highest mark using your grading school will be accepted

Fannie Mae Confections, Inc.

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