FREE Burger King Menu Item!


Hungry for a Whopper?  Maybe a BK Triple Stacker is your BK go to?  If you would like a free BK menu item please check out the new Burger King member loyalty program.  Once you have completed this short sign up process you will be awarded with 50BK Crowns which can be redeemed instantly at any Burger King  for a free menu item!  It appears that any item on the menu is open to this offer no matter how big or small.

Tell me where to go!

More Program Details

  • To sign up you must have a valid email address and provide your name, phone number and agree to receive emails, offers and promotions.  These offers are really pretty good as you well get Burger King coupons and promotions in the email on a weekly basis.  Once you have signed up you can earn BK Crowns when eating at Burger King.  You will earn one Crown for every dollar spent at a BK restaurant.  Once you have collected enough BK Crowns turn them in for a FREE Menu item!  Here is a list of menu items earned with Crowns:
      1. 25 BK Crowns = small beverage
      2. 50 BK Crowns = individual item on the menu
      3. 75 BK Crowns = any sized combo meal!

We recommended saving up enough of these crowns to get a combo meal as it gives you the most bang for your buck.  This loyalty program is free to join and is a must for anyone who frequents Burger King on a regular basis.