www.thebloodpressurefix.com – Blood Pressure Solution

  Blood Pressure Fix Solution This site is operated by Ken Burge who dedicated to helping people lower their blood pressure the natural/safe way.  The goal of the fix is to lower blood pressure without costly prescription medicine.  The Blood Pressure Fix site provides a free video with information about the program and lowering blood pressure through diet. The site also links to Mr. Burge's blog articles that include: Cut Fat Fast…and Have Fun Doing It! Tuning Up Your Body … [Read more...]

FreeHealthHotline.com – Affordable Health Care

  Free Health Hotline deal? Simply provide your name, email and phone number to be contact in regards to affordable health care.  FreeHealthHotline.com is operated by iCan Media and is not an insurance company.  By providing your contact information you give consent to be contacted by HCCUA by telephone.  This is a FREE quote and you will not be charged without prior consent.  This is considered a fix dollar health care program that covers: doctors visits wellness testing some lab … [Read more...]

www.Apply.CitiCards.com – Citi Card Promo Offer

  Whats the Citi Card Promo Offer deal? Enter the 4-digit Offer Code as it appears on your Citi ad and get 5% cash back whenever you use the card on qualifying purchases.  The card features 5% cash back on purchases at Hilton Hotels, movie theaters and theme parks.  You will also get 1% cash back on all other purchases.  The Citi Dividend card also comes with no annual fee and a 0% APR on balance transfers!  This is a limited time offer so don't delay. Citi Card Benefits Include: Low Intro … [Read more...]